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1. Classification        

-       Oil base ink, sheet-fed offset printing ink, is mainly used for publications which require fairly high printing quality such as calendar, journals, and covers for books and notebooks.

2. Features and Uses

-          High gloss, good adhesion

-          Very slow skinning performance on printing machine and excellent drying performance on printed materials

-          Good ink transfer and printability

-          Heavy  metal  contents  in  the  ink  meet ASTM F963-96a 4.3.5 & 8.3 and EN 71-3:1994 testing standards

3. Application

-       Wrapper and Label

-       Shopping bags

-       Magazine, Catalogue, Book

-       Calender

4. Printing materials

-     Suitable for sheet-fed paper materials such as art paper, Ivory board, Couche’, Ford paper …

5. Main Compositions:

-       Resin               : Phenolic resin, Petroleum resin

-       Pigment           : Organic/ Inorganic pigment

-       Additive           : Synthetic wax 

-       Solvent            : Linseed oil, petroleum distillates, …

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