DYN, Partnering with your success

To encourage our employees’ children in pursuing further education, Dy Khang Printing Inks (DYN) has founded the “DYN, partnering with your success” scholarship. This fund is to support students who have less affordability but have outstanding achievement in their education learning.

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Dy Khang regularly organized Fire-drill

In order to enhance our employees’ knowledge of fire safety, Dy Khang Printing Inks in cooperation with Department of Fire Police of Vinh Loc IP regularly organized training section of fire prevention and fighting for all staffs.

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Dy Khang attended Cambodia Int’l Machinery Industrial Fair

The leading companies from China, Czech, Germany, India, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the US and Vietnam attended the opening of the Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair (CIMIF 2013) at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, Diamond Island City, Cambodia on August 08. Dy Khang Printing Inks is on show with major products: Gravure, Flexo and Offset inks.

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Dy Khang’s Inks, Vietnamese Product – European Standard

Dy Khang Printing Inks has been successfully transferred technology of manufacturing Offset Ink compliance with European Standards, which enables us to ensure our products correspond to the environmental concerns and the needs in high quality printed material such as newspaper, books, magazines and plastic-based packaging for food …

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Expanding production output by partnering with Khang Viet Printing Inks

Established in 2006, Khang Viet Printing Inks is specialized in manufacturing Gravure, Flexo and Offset inks with a quality-driven production site of 25.000 m2.

In 2010, Dy Khang Printing Inks has established the partnership with Khang Viet Printing Inks as a contingency supply site. The total capacity of both companies is up to 30.000 tons p.a.

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Environment responsibility

Environment responsibility is the key factor of our sustainability and developing. We believe on this mission applying to the entire operation which producing the true value inks for both: the application as well as the environment.

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Open letter

Respectfully addressed to: Valued customers

Firstly, we would like to extend our respectful greetings to you on behalf of Dy Khang Printing Inks.

Our philosophy is “Adding more value to our customers”. By offering customers products at large volume competitive prices with consistent quality on time together comprehensive technical support, we provide greater value to our customers.

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