Established in 1993, Dy Khang Printing Inks (DYN) is perceived as an expert in printing inks segment, especially in Gravure, Flexo and Offset inks. Over twenty years of experience in manufacturing ink products, DYN has been recognized as the Supplier of Choice in Vietnam converting industry with a quality-driven production site of 10,000 m2 and over 150 highly-qualified employees.

We have over 20 years of experience in Gravure, Flexo & Offset inks

The technological backing and modern equipment couple with the partnerships with major suppliers from Europe ensures our products meet our customer’s expectations. In addition, applying the Quality Control System of ISO 9001:2015 enables our products to be delivered with consistent quality and on time.

Expanding from the leading Gravure ink supplier in Viet Nam, we utilize our facilities and know-how to develop Flexo and Offset inks as well. Furthermore, our primary focus is to develop “Green ink” products for sustainability that are environmentally and consumer friendly.




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