1. Classification        

–       Toluene-free laminating inks for reverse Gravure printing – solvent base.

2. Features and Uses

–       EFA-OPP without toluene in the formulation, the inks give the safe and friendly characteristics to human health as well as the environment.

–       EFA-OPP is a type of Gravure laminating ink system, was applied for treated OPP, BOPP film with surface tension more than 38 dyne/cm.

–          EFA-OPP supports various complex laminating processes like drying laminating, extrusion laminating to give ideal laminating strength for PP resin. With white ink coating on OPP printing film to give excellent bonding strength for Polypropylene extrusion lamination. Good bonding strength without white coating.

–       Good ink transfer and printability.

–       Heavy  metal  contents  in  the  ink  meet ASTM F963-96a 4.3.5 & 8.3 and EN 71-3:1994 testing standards.

3. Application

–       Snack, Dry food

–       Woven bags

4. Printing materials

–      Treated BOPP film with surface tension more than 38 dyne/ cm.

5. Main Compositions

–          Resin      : Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP)

–          Pigment  : Organic/ Inorganic pigment

–          Additive  : Synthetic wax

–          Solvent   : MCH (Methyl Cyclohexane) / Ethyl Acetate (EA) / Butyl Acetate (BA)

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