1. Classification        

–       Water based Gravure inks for surface printing, non laminating, environment-friendly and safe for human health.

2. Features and Uses

–         GWA is a type of Environment-friendly inks, is suitable for printing on treated PE, PP film (with surface tension more than 42 dyne/cm) and coated paper (couche’)

–          High gloss, good adhesion on film

–          Good blocking resistance, abrasion resistance

–          Good ink transfer and printability 

–          Easy to use and no gelling for using and storage

3. Application

–          GWA is used for printing shopping bag, food packages, … 

–          Printing plate (cylinder): suggested to use printing plates with more than 70 line/cm2 and plate depth of 20-25?m.

4. Printing materials

–      Treated PE and coated paper.

5. Main Compositions

–         Resin      : Acrylic resin

–          Pigment  : Organic/Inorganic pigment

–          Additive  : Synthetic wax

–          Solvent   : Water

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